perennial flowers

If you are the owner of perennial plants, there is the opportunity to save them during the cold winter period as some of them can do pretty well indoors.

What are perennial flowers and plants?

Perennial plants, or simply perennials, are the plants that usually live a lot longer than two years. Perennials go to seed every single year when they are mature enough. Even when it comes to the situation when it dies, the root system is still alive therefore you can grow the plant again within demanded conditions.

perennial plants

List of outdoor plants you can keep indoors during the winter

In fact, some of the perennial flowers that you grow outdoor can find perfect conditions inside your house to survive the winter. These are:

  • Fuchsia. Even though plant is expected to tropical, it actually gives the preferences to cool temperatures. However, it does not mean you will get lots of flowers during the winter. Fuchsia is needed to though brought home before the actual frost and requires trimming. The plant needs to placed somewhere where the light is low. When the soil is dry, make sure to water the plant.
  • fuchsia

  • Begonia. This plant prefers high humidity, it is the perfect condition to grow begonias but it is much more difficult to do indoor. On the other hand, you can grow them on a pebble tray.
  • begonia

  • Myrtle, Boxwood. These plants are great decorations in the winter for indoor. When you move them from the garden due to cold weather, make sure to give them enough light and do not forget to turn the pot in order for them to grow evenly on each side. Boxwoods and myrtle may require humidity and be watered when the soil is completely dry.
  • myrtle


  • Tropical Hibiscus. Surprisingly, but hibiscus can bloom indoors during the entire winter. The only thing required is to keep the plant in a sunny window. During the winter period you will not notice any changes when it comes to the size of the plant so there is no necessity to trim it to create particular shape;
  • hibiscus

  • Hot Peppers. These ones are believed to be tropical perennials that can produce within a few years in a row. It is even easier for you if you are the owner of small hot peppers in a pot so you can bring them indoors when weather conditions are not good for them. Also, make sure to put them on the window with enough light, which will help grow more flowers and peppers.
  • hot peppers

  • When it comes to herbs in particular, such as parsley, rosemary, basil and similar ones, make sure they have enough light in your house to make them do well indoors. Lemongrass is the plant that is allowed to be potted and that feels good both outdoor and indoor, depending on the conditions, humidity, and temperature. To be able to keep them bushy (if you want to), make sure to trim them.
  • rosemary

    basil plants

Make sure to acclimate all the plants gradually by bringing them home and letting to rest near the opened window.