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industrial interior design

Industrial style kitchen ideas and common décor features

Being an admirer of modern solutions of interior design, as well as vintage, the industrial style ideas will definitely catch your eye. Just like the industrial interior design for any room in the house, it shares certain common features, such as: natural wood; metal surfaces; beams that are exposed; brick walls and similar. But, what …

corner sink

Pros and cons of having corner sink in kitchen

When creating the nice and clean layout of kitchen, many people consider corner sink but may often struggle with getting creative ideas helping them to place the sink in the right spot. Moreover, the interior design of this part of the house, as well as the elements and décor that surround corner sink, are also …

kitchen curtains

Different window curtains options for beautiful kitchen

A kitchen makeover is a process that requires paying attention even to small details. The special kitchen curtains are what give your kitchen a final look and touch. Not only does it create a cozy atmosphere but is also a special treat for the windows, especially if your kitchen is located on the sunny part …

Kitchen design ideas

Everything you need to consider choosing kitchen flooring

Kitchen flooring is not just a single detail. The entire interior style of your kitchen can be influenced by the look of the flooring you decide to install. What are the most popular flooring choices for the kitchen? Pros and cons of natural stone flooring Indeed, stone flooring will provide you with some natural beauty …